10 Things to do during lockdown

91821052_229846771587983_2363675993689817088_nEverything is so strange right now and we’re all still trying to adjust to our new way of life for who knows how long. Some of us might be trying to get into some sort of routine, some may be working from home or others might be just taking each day as it comes.

While we’re currently on lockdown and struggling for things to do except binge watch Netflix, i thought i’d share with you 10 things i’m going to be doing to try and stay busy during this time.

  • Baking – With Easter just around the corner now is the time for me to practice some Easter bakes. I’ll definitely be making a few batches of cornflake cakes while on lockdown.
  • Yoga/ Home workout – Recently I’ve really got into Yoga and found that its helped massively with my mental health and it’s even started to help me improve my posture. I find its just such a nice way to switch off forget about everything going on.
  • Family tree research – I started my family tree a couple of years ago, and i’m currently at a stand still with it. I’ll be using this time to go back over everything with a fine tooth comb to see if i’ve missed anything and i’m able to find/search for anything new.
  • De clutter my Drawers/ Wardrobe – With Spring officially here, i need to swap out my winter wardrobe, and nows a good time as any to sort it out.
  • Email declutter + Phone organisation – I don’t know about you, but i’m always forgetting to delete my crappy emails and have an inbox that goes on for days. I’d love to get my emails all the way down and organsed into folders so they are easily manageable. Anyone else have 10 millions screenshots of just pure rubbish? My camera roll is desperately in need  of a clear out.
  • Read – I want to rediscover my love for reading, I’ve not picked up a book in what feels like an eternity.
  • Write + Plan blog content – I always say I’m going to do this, but never actually do, while i have the time and I’m feeling inspired, i’m going to get out as much content as i can, I’ve really missed blogging.
  • Take pictures for my blog/Instagram – Kinda goes hand in hand with the above. This is what i find hardest though with living with my boyfriends parents, it’s just not the same trying to take photos. I have tried to set myself up a little area where i can get some content shot, which i’m quite looking forward to.
  • Pamper day – Now is the time to shave those legs, get your feet and skin ready for the upcoming Summer months, hopefully all of this will be over by then.
  • Family games night – Who doesn’t love a games night? Whack out Monopoly, play some quizzes, have a takeaway and a little drink too.

Take Care, Stay Safe, Keep Indoors.


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