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My Top Tips On Organising A Baby Shower

As you’re probably aware i’m going to be an Auntie in May, just under 3 weeks away, how time flies. You also probably know that just a few weeks ago I threw a baby shower for my sister, now things didn’t all go to plan (I basically wasn’t organised enough and we ran out of time) but everyone told me what a lovely job i did on organising a special day and that I done her proud. That’s what means the most about the day and that my sister told me what a lovely time she had.

Mummy To Be
My Sister – aka Mummy to be
Kelly and Grandma
My Sister & Grandma
Me, Mum, Kel and Auntie Diane
Me, Our Auntie, My Sister & Our Mum
3 Aunties & Kel
3 of Our Aunties and My Sister
Chloe, Me, Kel & Laura
2 of Our Cousins, Me & My Sister
Chloe, Kel and Laura
2 of Our Cousins and My Sister
Mummy to Be


I’m going to share with you my tips on organising a baby shower and the things I learnt along the way….

Do your research. Planning a baby shower is a big thing, you need to research and look into what you want to achieve at the baby shower…. do you want an afternoon tea style?, a family and friends get together?, do you want to host it at your house? are you thinking of having a buffet? I looked into absolutely everything I could and the option that suited my sister and the family the most was to hire out a room for family and friends, have a buffet (catered by ourselves, mainly my mum, thanks mum!) play some games and also have a photo backdrop so people were free to take some photos and have a little bit of fun. 

PLAN PLAN PLAN. A big thing you really need to do is plan, plan everything. Who’s going to get the balloons? Who’s going to do the buffet? What games are we going to play? Who are we inviting? Where are we holding the shower? Planning everything and being prepared right down to the day and at the venue is a must! I thought I had planned everything but boy was i wrong, you need to plan right down until the last minute! Also i recommend planning and being prepared if things go wrong. I pretty much tried to do everything myself, and it took so much out of me, so planning on splitting things down for the baby shower will help you in the long run and will let you enjoy the day so much more aswell.

Set a budget. I didn’t actually do this but i did try and cut costs wherever i could whilst still trying to stick with my theme. Balloons took up a large amount of costs for me as i decided to have some center pieces for tables and two large balloons to go with the photo backdrop. I did buy my smaller balloons online and just got them blown up at a card shop at a cost… but i think i still saved money there. We also had prizes for games which of course is optional, but you really need to think about everything that you want and then you can decide on what you would like to spend.

Pick a theme. For me the theme was the easiest thing to decide on, my sister is having a little girl so of course I had to include Pink. I also decided I wanted it to look quite classy and grown up so I also went with Gold and White to tie it all together. Another thing i wanted to make sure is that it all flowed and stuff matched, but that’s all up to you again.

Enjoy the day. Remember if things to go wrong, or right, as you planned so well, to just enjoy the day, don’t be stressing over meaningless things that no one will be bothered about.

Have you hosted a baby shower? Do you have any tips on organising one? Leave them down below.




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