Where I’ve been…

37691217_10155767511517965_7961888988959080448_nFor over 2 months now i haven’t posted on here and i really miss it. I thought i owe it to you to tell you why I’ve been so absent, and why i haven’t been posting…

First off, I’m now driving and that has been an absolute dream – no more having to ask for lifts or worrying about getting the bus or even walking to work. It does mean that I’ve been out a lot more over the weekends whether that be shopping or going for lunch or even just popping round to my parents, it feels really good to be free and independent.

As for why i haven’t been posting well,  to put it simply I’ve had terrible writers block and have been seriously lacking in inspiration and motivation (this heat hasn’t helped). I find it a constant struggle to find the right balance between work, having me time and spending time with friends and family just enjoying life and blogging. How does anyone find the right balance?

I really miss blogging, and I’m determined to try and beat this writers block and get back into the swing of things, it might take me a while, but i hope by the end of this year i have my mojo back and I’m posting again regularly…. if you have any ideas or tips on how to get some inspiration and over come this then please let me know.



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