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My thoughts on 3 Glossier products

How is it almost Easter already? January went by so slow and now we’re almost a quarter of the way through the year!

As far as my March goals go i don’t think i’ve achieved a single one yet, which i’m not proud of. Although that being said i am sat currently writing this out and trying to plan out more content.

I was a bit late in trying some products from Glossier, the ones i got were in fact a gift from my Sister for Christmas. So after i few months of using them and trying them out here are my thoughts.


Milk Jelly Cleanser. I’d heard a lot of people really rave about this and when i received it i couldn’t wait to try it. I actually really like it, i love how easily it removes my make up, i love that it can be put straight on to a dry face (wet faced cleansers are a pet peeve) and i love the price tag too. The only thing i don’t love about it as with most cleansers i find, i don’t like taking my eye make up off with it, that’s a bit more of a chore and it hurts my eyes a little. I think i must have really sensitive eyes, the only two cleansers i’ve found to be ok for me to use on the eyes is the Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm and Liz Earle cleanse and polish, both are cleansers that i absolutely love and would purchase again. I would still repurchase the Milk Jelly Cleanser because it’s so good everywhere else.

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack. I think this must be my absolute fav out of the three products. 90% of weekends i head for this mask. Come the weekend my face usually needs a good cleanse and detox as i can be a bit naughty during the week and head for face wipes instead of my cleanser. This mask does just that, it does what i need it to, it detoxifies my skin. Gentle but able to get deep down into the pores and push out those toxins. You can get a lot of applications out of this tub which makes it extremely good value for money also.

Perfecting Skin Tint. As we come into Spring/Summer everyone switches over to lighter base products, i’m never normally one for this, purely because i love the look of more full coverage make up on myself. I thought this year though i’d give a lighter base a try. I’ve only used it a couple of times so far just to try it out, but so far so good. This skin tint isn’t as bad as i’d initially thought it would be. I chose the shade light because i’m pretty fair skinned and it’s still given me a bit of coverage and anything i feel needs extra  coverage i just apply some more concealer. But i do think i will try and get a lot more use out of it throughout the Summer months especially.

What Glossier products have you tried?


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