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3 non beauty items i’m currently obsessed with

Since Christmas i’ve been obsessed with these 3 items. They are what have gotten me through these past couple of weeks. January is always a super long dull month and i’ll be glad when it’s over.


Glossier mega greens galaxy pack face mask – Throughout these Winter months my skin has really been congested and just felt really icky, this face mask has been a god send for it. Whenever i’ve felt my skin is really bad i’ve just whacked on this face mask, it’s really clearing my skin up. Blackheads and breakouts are far less and my skin has a bit of pep about it.

Pink jumper – There’s not much i can really say about this, i just absolutely love wearing it, it’s super comfy. Since putting on a few extra pounds over Christmas a nice baggy jumper is all i’ve been wanting to wear. It was a total bargain too from New Look at 9.99.

Black buckle ankle boots – I don’t think i’ve had a pair of black leather look boots for a long long time, so really wanted a pair. I find these go well with a lot of things, the pink jumper included paired with some black leggings too. Super comfy, haven’t rubbed and are really affordable. These have been great on wet rainy miserable days like today.

What items are you currently obsessed with?


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