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Getting sh*t done


2017 has pretty much been a flop, I’ve not posted regular content, I’ve let my social media slip, not taken time to look after myself as much as i should, the list goes on. I’m going to make 2018 the year i get my shit together. These aren’t a case of New Years resolutions, I’m seeing it as a fresh start.

  • Save Save Save – last year i said this but it was never something i got round to doing, so come the start of January i will be on penny pinching mode.
  • Try new things – for a long while I’ve wanted to try the latest beauty or skincare products, but I’ve always thought i can’t justify that. Although I’m going to try and save my ass off, i also want to treat myself a bit more too.
  • Be on and enjoy social media – I normally find it a chore, but in 2018 this is something i definitely want to try and work on.
  • Produce more content – content which i enjoy writing and that comes really easy, not repeating the same kind of stuff over and over again.
  • Organize my life – I’ve started to leave things really last minute and i hate it, it makes me feel messy and just bleuggghh.
  • Choose healthier options – you start the year off trying to eat healthy but it doesn’t even last a week. I’m putting on weight and hate it, i only have myself to blame but i just get so unmotivated and have no get up and go about me that I’m just too lazy to even really try. I want 2018 to be the year i stop slacking, and actually choose a salad instead of going McDonald’s.

How do you plan on spending 2018?


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