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A Christmas gift DIY

In November i started to look about on Pinterest for Christmas gift ideas and while i was looking for someone in particular who is in to Unicorns i came across an idea for a Unicorn spa jar and thought this could be perfect. Here’s what i did. This was for an 11 year old girl.

As it’s a spa jar i started to look for anything beauty and Unicorn related. I associate Unicorns with like glitter and sparkles and pinks. I picked up some holographic nail files from Primark as well as a small Unicorn fragrance which was a bargain at £3 for them both. To go with the nail files i thought it would be nice to get a sparkly nail polish, so i grabbed a silver glittery Barry M polish from Superdrug. New Look was also a great place to look for Unicorn inspired things, i managed to get a Unicorn lip balm to add to the jar. My sister found me a cute little Unicorn face mask pot from TK Maxx and then to fill it up i bought some cute little heart bath bombs because she loves her baths and i also got her one of those loofah thingy ma bobs. Ebay is also a great place to look, i picked up a set of Unicorn make up brushes for just £5 bargain!! Then it was just finding the right sized storage jar to fit everything in and how i would go about placing it all.



From The Works i picked up a really nice white and pink mixed glitter pot which i scattered on the bottom of the jar and with the lid back on gave it a swish around to stick to the sides. I placed everything in how i liked and then finished with a red bow, adding the make up brushes to the side of the jar.

This is such a good idea if your stuck on what to buy someone and is really adaptable to suit different likes and interests.

Have you made your own Christmas gifts this year?


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