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Christmas Eve plans


I’m always curious as to what everyone else does on Christmas Eve. Do you treat it as any other day or do you do something super Christmassy or are you on a last minute rush around for those last presents. Since i’m so curious i wondered if anyone else is, so i’m going to share with you my plans for Christmas Eve this year.

During the day i plan to finish off any wrapping that’s left (knowing me i will still need to get more presents), so unorganized this year. One last tidy and clean about our apartment and maybe do some baking, probably gingerbread and my mince parcels ready to take around to the family.

Later on in the afternoon we will probably end up spending a few hours at the in laws having a bit of family and chill time.

Come the evening i’ll grab a nice shower or bath, maybe pamper myself a little, put on a face mask and give my feet a pedicure. Then it will be time for my new Christmas Eve pj’s. Candles will be lit, tree lights switched on and i’ll be watching Christmas films and stuffing my face with a take away and chocolates.

How will you be spending your Christmas Eve?


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