3 easy Christmas nail ideas

If you’ve got a bit of spare time on your hands and want to give your nails the Christmas treatment then this post is for you. Here are 3 easy Christmas inspired nail ideas:


The Christmas tree

I think by far this is my favourite out of the 3 designs and its super easy to do. Before you start painting make sure to apply a base coat.

Step 1 – Paint the whole of your nail in the colour you wish your tree to be, i went for this festive sparkly green from China Glaze.

Step 2 – If you need to add more coats then do so.

Step 3 – Using a black polish create the outline of your tree, basically forming a triangle in the Green polish.

Step 4 – Add some gold glitter for your tree topper and apply top coat.


The Snowflake sticker

Super quick and simple, you can use this with any kind of Christmas nail stickers. Don’t forget your base coat.

Step 1 – Apply your desired nail colour all over. I love this metallic red colour from Morgan Taylor.

Step 2 – Place your nail stickers on top of your nails where you’d like them to go.

Step 3 – Apply a top coat to keep the stickers in place.


The Santa Jacket

This one is a little more fiddly. Make sure you apply a base coat like above.

Step 1 – Using a red nail polish paint the entire nail, applying as many coats as you need to create an opaque base.

Step 2 – Apply a curved stripe across the top half of your nail, but make sure you leave some of the tip for the next step.

Step 3 – Above the black stripe fill in the gap with a white polish and again apply as many coats as you need.

Step 4 – Using a nail brush and some gold/silver nail polish paint on a buckle over one side of the black stripe. Finish with your top coat.


If you find things difficult or want a more simple look you could always just add some glitter to an already painted nail base.

Do you have a go to Christmas nail design?




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