3 things – Summer edition

Although we are nearly half way through Summer there are still some things that i’m really looking forward too.


Our trip to Newcastle – I think this is going to become our place to go when we want to get away. This will be our second time going, again for my birthday. When i say our i mean me and Kristopher. I’m really looking forward to just getting away for a couple of days. We haven’t planned to do anything, yet anyway, although there are a few cute cafe’s i want to go to. Anyone recommend things to do/see? We’ve already seen and been to the Angel of the North and walked across the Millennium bridge.

My birthday – I never usually look forward to this, probably because it just doesn’t feel the same when you’re an adult. But this year i’m determined to make it amazing and actually do something on the day besides go for a meal. Don’t get me wrong i love going for a meal with my family and with Kristopher but i want to do something else too.

Starting my new job – An end of an era. After working at my current job for over 4 years it’s time to start a new chapter and start a fresh, this has been something i’ve just needed to do. I’ll miss everyone at my current job and will still be seeing some of them as two are my best friends so i’m kind of stuck with them unfortunately… jokes.

What have you been looking forward to this Summer?


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