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5 Foot creams

Following on from my hand creams post back in March i thought i’d put together a foot creams post too. Being someone that suffers with dry cracked heels and knowing family and friends that do too i thought this post might be useful to some of you.


Soap and Glory Heel Genius: This is one of the first foot creams i’ve ever purchased. Thick and rich formula that soaks in pretty quick and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. For me after just one use it can almost get rid of my cracked heels. You do need to keep using it though as with any other kind of moisturiser. It smells pretty good to and isn’t very pricey either at £5.50.

Palmer’s cocoa butter formula for hands,elbows,knees and feet: Another rich and thick formula that soaks in quick and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. For me this again pretty much works after one use and is a perfect handy size if your travelling. It was a total bargain at £2.49.

The Body shop Peppermint intensive cooling foot rescue: I’ve found this foot rescue is a little more on the light side. As in it doesn’t nourish my feet as much. It is still a really nice foot cream especially if you’ve been on your feet all day and just want a little pamper. This was a little more pricey than the others at around £9.50.

This works perfect heels rescue balm: My go to at the moment. Another rich and thick formula that soaks in really quick. When i use this my feet feel instantly soothed and nourished. Kristopher hates the smell of this foot cream and can smell it a mile off whereas i actually quite like the smell, It’s very distinctive and not like anything i’ve smelt before but it’s kinda quite calming. This is at the pricey end of these 5 foot creams at about £16.

Burt’s Bees coconut foot cream: I love the smell of this and its really nourishing  but it’s just a bit too greasy for me. This is super thick and kind of reminds me of honey when it comes out of the tube. I’d say your best to use this at night when your about to go to bed and leave it to soak in. It does leave your feet feeling super soft though once soaked in. I got this for around £12 it’s well worth the money for the size of the tube that you get. Depending how often you use it it should last you a good while.

What foot creams do you use?



One thought on “5 Foot creams

  1. I never used a foot cream before ! But I was actually thinking of getting one, to have pretty feet this summer ( if feet can be pretty 😂). Thanks for the recommendations!


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