Review: Younique face mask

An old school friend asked me if i would like to review this Younique face mask for her, and of course i said yes! If there is ever an opportunity for me to try out a face mask i’ll be right there. I have a few friends on my facebook that are Younique presenters including ‘Steph’ my school friend. Here is a link to her facebook page if you want to see all about the Younique brand and what she sells:

Down to the nitty gritty….


After neglecting my usual evening skincare regime and heading for the face wipes for a while now, it has left my skin feeling gross and my pores feeling clogged up. Once a week however I’ve treated myself to a face mask and have been totally heading for this. I applied it with my fingers, as soon as it touches your skin it kind of bubbles and fizzes, such a really strange but refreshing sensation. The instructions say to leave it on for 5 minutes but because my skin has been so neglected i left it on for like 10 – 15 mins, then i wash it off using a warm damp muslin cloth. It comes off so easy with very minimal effort. My god what a god send it’s been. My pores have been unblocked and my skin has felt revitalised. It really does detoxify your skin. The mask hasn’t even provoked my sensitive skin which is amazing!! Tonight i will definitely be heading for this face mask again and give my skin a real treat because it needs it.

Have you tried any Younique products before?


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