A little Boots haul

You know when you just pop into boots for a few things but end up with a basket full? Well that happened to me recently. I thought it would be fun to share with you what i bought, some stuff was just repurchases but most of it was new stuff i was excited to try.


These 4 products are all repurchases and are my makeup bag staples. These were the main reason i went into Boots, I was running out of these so needed to get some more.


I’ve had my eye on this NYX  warm neutrals palette for a while but it just hasn’t been in stock. I’m really excited to try this, i will probably review it another time for you and tell you my thoughts on it. A couple of weeks ago i had a good sort out threw my lipstick collection and of course you need to stock back up again that’s why I bought these two NYX lip smacking lipsticks in Doll and Fig. They are perfect shades for spring.


I’ve been neglecting my hair a bit lately, and not really bothered to do anything with it,so i thought i’d pick up a few bits so i can start styling it again properly. The Batiste dry shampoo in Tropical is another repurchase… i just love the smell of this. If you’ve followed my other blog you would know that my hair has always been pretty flat and meh… I’d heard so many good things about the Mark Hill hair range that i thought i’d give it a go myself. I have tried this Extreme Root lift since i bought it and can safely say this stuff is amazing!! and really does boost your roots unlike some products, it also smells really good to which is a bonus. I’d also ran out of hairspray so thought i would try the Mark Hill freeze hold hairspray, i will let you know how i get on with that at a later point. I love the John Frieda miraculous recovery range and when i sore this cream serum i knew instantly that i’d love it and just had to have it.

Have you been trying any new products out?


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